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Gout English: Argon of charm of of Qiao of Bo of Wu ┪ serve is bad
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Gout English: Argon of charm of  of Qiao of Bo of Wu ┪ serve is bad

Why The Sun Lightens Our Hair, but Darkens Our Skin?

Why solar energy basks in the hair shallow, can you suntan the skin however?

Why Women Can't Put On Mascara With Their Mouth Closed?

Why you had never seen write in the front article of the front page. ! "In fortune-telling division large award " ?

Why Is "abbreviated" Such A Long Word?

Why is " abbreviate " a so long word?

Why Is It That Doctors Call What They Do "practice" ?

Why doctors are in charge of the business that they do to call " the exercitation, carry out " ?

Why Is It That To Stop Windows 98, you Have To Click On "Start" ?

When why wanting to put out window, must you click " to begin " key first?

Why Is Lemon Juice Made With Artificial Flavor, and Dishwashing Liquid Made With Real Lemons?

Why lemon juice is to use man-made fragrance condiment to do, and is the fluid that wash a bowl to use real lemon to do?

Why Is The Man Who Invests All Your Money Called A Broker?

The person of all investment that why help you manage you calls the person of " penniless " ? ("broke" has " penniless " in English, "Arrived home thoroughly the meaning of " )

Why Is The Time Of Day With The Slowest Traffic Called Rush Hour?

Why does the hour with the slowest traffic in a day call " hour of fast travel " ?

Why Isn't There Mouse-flavored Cat Food?

Why don't have mice flavour is the cat fed?

When Dog Food Is New And Improved Tasting, who Tests It?

Feed when the dog by advocate it is new with improved taste when, the taste identification that who makes be?

Why Didn't Noah Swat Those Two Mosquitoes?

Why didn't Noah beat dead those two mosquito? (the male and female that every kinds of animal contains on Noah's ark each one)

Why Do They Sterilize The Needle For Lethal Injections?

When the means that uses inject toxic is executed, why to disinfect syringe needle even?

You Know That Indestructible Black Box That Is Used On Airplanes? Why Don't They Make The Whole Plane Out Of That Stuff?

Won't be the " that you know to that uses aboard destroyed the black box of " ? Why don't they cause whole aircraft of the sort of material?

Why Don't Sheep Shrink When It Rains?

The sheep when why raining not shrink?

Why Are They Called Apartments When They Are All Stuck Together?

Why does apartment lean together closely? (the meaning that Apart is departure)

If Con Is The Opposite Of Pro, is Congress The Opposite Of Progress?

If " disadvantage " is the contrary of " advantage " , so the contrary that " Boule " is " progress " ?

If Flying Is So Safe, why Do They Call The Airport The Terminal?

If the flight is so safe, why are they in charge of an airport to call " terminal " ?
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