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The five fingers is not homonymic, big toe is clever least of all
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The appellation that English and Chinese adversary point to has a difference to have similar place again already. Introduce as follows now:

1.thumb: Thumb. What become an interest with Chinese set each other off is, english All (Fingers And) the meaning that Thumbs also expresses " ham-handed " , for example:

(1) I'm All Fingers And Thumbs This Morning. I Don't Seem To Be Able To Button Up My Shirt. This morning my hand how so stupid, seem not to buckle even the shirt went up.

(2) He Was So Excited That His Fingers Were All Thumbs And He Dropped The Teacup. He is excited and procurable bad to made, threw the teacup unexpectedly.

2. Forefinger: Weigh Index Finger again, namely forefinger. The " before prepositive Fore- states " position leans (Placed At The Front) , so from the platoon on say, forefinger should be " the first point to " . Look from function, this finger is extended from time to tome designation or the action that point to. In a few English reference book, we can see such expression that " refers to " (Index) the hand-type symbol of the meaning.

3. Middle Finger: Middle finger. This points to be placed in the middle, be perfectly justifiable, and also agree with Chinese view.

4. Ring Finger: Ring finger. For the marriage common habit from world each district, wedding ring (Wedding Ring) point to in this skill (point to left hand normally) over, express married.

5. Little Finger: Just as its name implies is a little finger. In the United States and Scotland, people gifts again its pet name, be in charge of it to call Pinkie (Pinky) , suffixal - Ie (- Y) have " the meaning of cabinet and lovely " .

Accident of the five fingers is differ, each have each use, but only the function with the biggest play of mutual cooperation ability.

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