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American newest slang 293 (3)
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Hot causes fireHave One's Cake And Eat It Too wants to taking cake already, want to eat again (want a fish already, want bear's paw again)Foreknowledge of postmortem of Hindsight Is 20/20Hit Stride footstep goes suitableHit The Books hits a book (diligent)Hit The Hay is on straw (sleep, go to bed)Hit The Jackpot became medium the first prizeStart off of Hit The RoadHold A Candle To takes the candle to do not deserve to him (yuan cannot compare)Administer of Hold The Key To My Heart the key of my heartCurb of Hold Your Horses your horse (come slow)Hang Somebody Out To Dry rose …… air (sufferred from …… hole)In One's Back Pocket is in after someone trousers in the pocket (the content in the bursa that is someone)In The Dark is in darkness (spellbound, whats do not know)In The Lime Light stands in spotlight circle (limelight)In The Spotlight stands in spotlight circle (limelight)Greek of It's Greek To Me (a book from heaven)Whats are done not have all round In The Middle Of Nowhere (before do not see a village, do not wear after inn)Lian Tiying of Joined At The Hip (diehard followers, two people that never part)Gun of Jump The Gun is not noisy first beat the gun (first)Just What The Doctor Ordered is a doctor say (suit the remedy to the case)One ear of Keep An Ear To The Ground sticks the ground (notice new trend)Handle of Keep One's Fingers Crossed/cross One's Fingers shows across becomes cross (dark pray God is blessed)Kick The Bucket kicks pail (kick the bucket)Kill two hawks with one arrow of Kill Two Birds With One Stone, kill two birds with one stoneFlattery of Kiss Up ToThe corner of Kitty Corner kitten (inclined diagonal)Sandwich of bone of Knuckle Sandwich knuckle (full with old fist)Landslide avalanche (overwhelming victory)Last Straw last strawLeft A Bitter Taste In One's Mouth leaves full mouth acrid (the memory that keeps unpleasantness)Left Hanging was risen by air (be hanged, suspensive)Let Sleeping Dogs Lie does not alarm asleep dog (fasten make trouble out of nothing, bygone is not carried again)Let The Cat Out Of The Bag gives off the cat in bag (divulge a secret, inadvertently blurt out)Light A Fire Under Your Butt lights a fire below the buttock (close to its act)Endmost of channel of Light At The End Of The Tunnel is smooth (a gleam of hope)The cake that elephant of Like Hot Cakes just gave heat (very popular thing, popular commodities)Like Looking For A Needle In A Haystack seeks an injection as be in straw caboodle (look for a needle in the ocean)Like Pulling Hen's Teeth follows unplug the tooth of the hen is same (can't bear difficultly)The fish is shot in bucket of Like Shooting Fish In A Barrel (go after an easy prey)Candy is cheated in hand of child of Like Stealing Candy From A Baby (easy thing)Ling Winded is long-tongued, broken mouthThe cannon that Loose Cannon shakes (the disposition of on the verge of breaking out)Lose One's Marbles is mad, divine wisdom is not clearThe attack with shocking Low Blow, dirty trickMake A Mountain Out Of A Molehill says hill into big hill (spoffish)After god of Make Him And Break The Mold built him, broke the model (did not follow the person like him again)
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