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Prattle English: Have 3 kinds of methods of English name
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Prattle English: Have 3 kinds of methods of English name

I ever had kept a post, content is how the Chinese has English name. In that card, I advocate the Chinese has a familiar English name casually can, need not too exquisite. But a mail that I get netizen Duan Wei this afternoon, he thinks similar Tom, Jack, Peter such common English name, honest too common, devoid individual character, he hopes I can introduce how to have a not rare, English name that has a characteristic again at the same time. I talk about 3 kinds of methods that mention English name below.

The first kind of method is: Have an English name with ” of homophonic of Chinese name “ . For instance Li Mei, can remove May Li, “ plum ” and homophonic of May as it happens. 4 example are below, you are OK and referenced. A lot of " English-Chinese dictionary " appendix part, have the list of English name, you can articulate according to the Chinese of your name, look for roughly the English name of “ homophonic ” . Nevertheless this kind of method has very big limitation, most Chinese name does not have the English name of homophonic, so we can consider additionally two kinds of methods only.

① Li Mei- - May Li

② Zhang Lei- - Ray Zhang

③ Liu Kevin- - Kevin Liu

④ Wu Dawei- - David Wu

The 2nd kind of method is: According to the immanent meaning of English name, choose an English name that you like. A lot of English names, come from Greek mythology, Rome myth and " Bible " , have some kind of immanent meaning consequently. My early ever was before on a website, had seen the immanent implication of common English name, have a few about, I remember 4 among them only, look please below. If you are interested in this problem, bother you to be searched on the net, the network address of that website I was unable to call to mind really.

① Andrew- - express doughty

② Frank- - express freedom

③ Catherine- - express chasteness

④ Helen- - represent light

The 3rd kind of method is: Choose the name of an other country, or oneself create a name. For instance I have a Macao fellow student, she removed the name Emiliana of a Portuguese girl, for instance I have netizen of a Shanghai, her English name calls Skila, be herself creation. These two names you can try to read aloud, very Orphean really. When passing to decide in you oneself create a name, had better seek advice to foreign friend, lest some kind of derogatory sense is included in your name.

This card writes here, be written originally, but I remember a small issue suddenly again: Rare English name, actually very good also, for instance the English name Priscilla of Chen Huixian of Hong Kong star, although not common, but very elegant, I like very much. So, if above if 3 kinds of methods do not suit you, you also might as well the choice compares rare English name.

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