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American newest slang 293 (4)
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Hike walks (scram)Because when rain halts competition, Take A Rain Check sends the bill that the audience looks freely next time (another opportunity)Take Off leavesTake One For The Team is endured for whole group (for collective interest, sacrificial individual interest)Take The Word Right Out Of Someone's Mouth said for me (what what you say is me want to say)Ball of The Ball Is In Someone's Court is in you there (this you acted)Wall of The Walls Have Ears has ear (beware of eavesdroppers)The Whole Nine Yards full 9 (with one action is successful, of soccer attack just need to advance 10)Throw In The Towel throws towel (admit defeat, abandon)Knot of Tie The Knot (marry)Follow rules of Toe The Line, go along the lineTooth of knock of idle of Tongue In Cheek (satiric ground)The cook in kitchen of Too Many Cooks In The Kitchen is too much (ask every passerby how to build one's house-have no idea or plan of one's own and accomplish nothing, 3 bonze do not have water thirsty)In eye of mother of Twinkle In Your Mother's Eye show clever light (did not give mother's womb)Twisted disposition is pigheaded, at oddsTwo Left Feet has two left feet (ham-handed)What Under My Skin gets me is hypodermic (make my pole uncomfortable)Under The Weather got coldUntil The Cows Come Home when the ox comes home (cool one's heels, wait in vain)Until You Are Blue In The Face does a face paly (also be Bai Gan)Unwind loosens clockwork spring (come down easily)Everybody has Up For Grabs portionUp In The Air is hanged in sky (pendent)Walk In Someone's Shoes wears his shoe to go to look (be considerate, experience is identical)Walk On Air (with joy) the foot does not choose the ground, on wingsWashed Up resembles is washed (dog-tired, effort was put)The drip that duck of Water Off A Duck's Back carries on the back (equestrian ear east wind)The water below bridge of Water Under The Bridge (die water, fu water)Hell of When Hell Freezes Over is frozen (absolutely impossible job)Fireweed of Weed Out eliminate (fall into disuse)Well Rounded all-round, a versatile personWhen pig of When Pigs Fly flies (absolutely impossible)Not Lift A Finger does not move even finger (look on indifferently)On Wound Up sufficient clockwork spring (nervous, excited)Melt into of Wrapped Around His/her Little Finger is circled point to soft (dally with at between the palm)Twist off of Wring His Neck he neck

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