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American newest slang 293 (one)
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A kind of informal language, use in informal circumstance normally, using these slang so is the situation that must consider to use and object, had better not use these slang at will. A few commonly used slang are below. One bird of A Bird In The Hand Is Worth Two The Bush is in hand, 2 birds are in be better than forestThe blackboard with clean A Blank Slate (new one page, new beginning)The bone that A Bone To Pick can nag (conflict, malcontent)A Cat Nap takes a napA Chip Off The Old Block chops the jackstraw that come down on wood greatly (child Xiao Jifu)The hub of head of shoulder of A Chip On One's Shoulder (self-abased feeling, because self-abased and love looks for others trouble; Like to be provoked to the person)The potato on deck chair of A Ouch Potato (bum)A Cake Walk goes to eat cake (easy thing)A Headache has a headache (troublesome issue)A Knock Out is knockdown (the United States must let person dump)Be born of big stone of mind of A Load Off My MindA Nut fool, bedlamiteNeck of A Pain In The Neck aches (hard work)A Piece Of Cake a cake (cole dishful, easy thing)A Pig pigA Shot In The Dark shoots blindly (guess foolishly)Down-lead of A Short Fuse is short (disposition is hot)The boat that A Sinking Ship is sinkingBasket of fill of A Slam Dunk (breeze)One a slap on the face was endured on face of A Slap In The Face (barefaced be insulted)Smoke screen of A Smoke ScreenGregarious butterfly of A Social Butterfly (sociability, the person of meeting dinner party)The branch in mud of A Stick In The MudA Thick Skin is thick-skinnedThe bramble on waist of A Thorn In Someone's Side (feel uneasy)The person that A Turn Coat wears fur-lined jacket instead (traitor)An Uphill Battle fights uphill (in the strive for victory in adversity)A Weight Off My Shoulders drops humeral head loadAce gets full marks (get perfect result)All Ears is auditive completely (listen with respectful attention)All Thumbs full hand is thumb (ham-handed)The ace in sleeve of An Ace Up My SleeveThe incident with apparent An Open And Shut CaseThere is ant in crotch of Ants In One's Pants (feel restless)Back In The Saddle weighs saddle of mount a horse (rally)Back On Track gets on the right track again (reform)Backfire backfire (outsmart oneself, be just the opposite to what one wished)Iron chain of ball of iron of Ball And Chain, sweet cangue (wife)Whip of Beat A Dead Horse beats dead Ma Lingji runs quickly (infructuous)Beaten By The Ugly Stick has been hit by ugly bastinado (be born uglily)Of beg for food of Beggar Can't Be Choosers do not talk to go up choiceThis is noted below Bet On It win firmly (be sure, undoubted)Bet Your Life bets the life on (very fault)Better Half my other in partBe in a dilemma of Between A Rack And A Hard Place (before there is a tiger after having a wolf)Bag of Big Headed cerebra (proud, proud)Bigger Fish To Fry has bigger fish to want flee in terrorfry in deep fat or oil (the thing with have more important should do)Bite off more than one can chew of Bite Off More Than One Can ChewBite The Bullet bites bullet (suffer from by force very reluctantly)The bird with identical feather of Birds Of A Feather Flock Together always flies into a flock of (things of one kind come together)Blow Up In You Face is before explosion (the thing screwed up completely)Bologna bullshit, talk rubbishBreak A Let breaks off a leg (the performance is actual, the show is successful)Break The Ice breaks ice (break deadlock)

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