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Interesting English is compared
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Interesting English is compared

The application of this kind of figures of speech in English is common and the analogy is extensive. It can make language more figure is bright and vivid, prominent.

When interpreter English is compared, can translate directly according to the meaning of literal sometimes. For example:

1. As Sly As A Fox is tricky like the fox

2. As Proud As A Peacock is proud like the peacock

3. As Green As Grass is green be like green grass

4. If Qing Dynasty of As Clear As Crystal is crystal

5. As Mad As March Hare is mad be like in March hare

6. The volition like iron and steel of An Iron Will

7. The laugh like Yin Ling of A Silvery Laugh

But, be not all English to compare can metaphrase is corresponding Chinese. If say entirely interpret without real understanding, make mistake with respect to hard to avoid. A few interesting English analogies introduce below:

1. Joy of As Happy As A Cow must resemble lark (unfavorable interpret is like cow ” for “ joy)

2. As Cunning As A Dead Pig is tricky like the fox (unfavorable interpret resembles dead pig for “ euqally tricky ” )
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