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American newest slang 293 (2)
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Night a day of thing finishs, can sleepOld dog of Can't Teach An Old Dog New Tricks learns won't new gameCash In My Chips changes chip (sleep, go to bed)Chicken chicken (craven)Circle The Wagons surrounds van into circuit (be ready in take action)Be cautious of ego of Clean Up One's Act, ego is improvedCloudburst of Come Down In BucketCome Down In Sheets is whole rectify an underground (cloudburst)Cool Your Lips comes down calmlyCost Someone An Arm And A Leg should spend an arm a leg (price is high)This thing of Count On Something /doing Something is reliableEgg of Count Your Chickens Before They Hatch still does not have hatch, count a chickling firstCrock defeats tile (trash, gibberish)Cross The Line has crossed a line (do too overly)Cross That Bridge When We Come To It arrived either end of a bridge crosses the bridge (the boat arrives nature of either end of a bridge is straight)Cry Over Spilled Milk cries to spilled milk (depressed for the failure in the past)Cushion The Blow gives filling up bit (talking soft a bit, lest blow is too serious)Cut To The Chase copies shortcut to chase prey (not circle, without preamble, come straight to the point)Daily Grind routine suffers from a thing, get dry hard work everydaySome day of Days Are Numbered is not had muchDead Center right in the middleDead-end Street blind lane, dead alley childDog dog (a very ugly person)Effect of Domino Effect dominoesDon't Hold Your Breath fastens hold back to wear breath (do not expect too tall)Don't Look A Gift Horse In The Mouth gives a horse not to see a tooth (gift stopping a person does not disrelish good way bad)At the last gasp of Down To The WireDown Under south (the Australia that often points to face hemisphere)Downhill From Here is decline from now on (from this go from bad to worse)Drop The Ball dropped a ball (neglect one's duty)Empty Nest empty nest (children is grown leave home)Black clouds of Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining also has silver-colored side (disaster blessing place leans, a loss may turn out to be a gain)Fall Into Place is fulfilled, be in orderThe traffic accident that Fender Bender bumps into curved bumper (car disaster)Lackey of Fight Tooth And Nail is applied, up hill and dale and counteractiveFine Line filament (delicate difference)Fish Out Of Water leaves water like the fishIn basin of pan of Flash In The Pan glance (rejoice too soon, good times don't last long)Branch road of Fork In The RoadFox fox (do not have demote meaning)Framed by circumvent, meet with frame sbFull Throttle increases full horse powerOne foot of Get A Foot In The Door had taken the door in (gain foothold, occupy)Get Hitched fasten rises (marry)Get Off On The Wrong Foot starts wrong (the first impression not beautiful)Concede points of Get The Ball Rolling boils (move a hand to come)Green light of Get/give The Green Light shined (permissive action)Get Up On The Wrong Side Of The Bed gets up by the side of next faultsGive The Shirt Off One's Back agrees even the shirt person (fervent by nature)Go One Step Too Far took one step more (do too overly)Go Out On A Limb climbs branch (take risk)Go Overboard is hamGo To Hell In A Hand Basket is sitting jail of nacelle go to the fields (one bad irremediable)The face on above of Go To One's Head, turn sb's headGo Under is sunken (go bankrupt)Goose Bumps goosefleshGrasp For Straws grabs straw (despair struggles mediumly, the straw that the person that is about to drown floats repeatedly also is caught)

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