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The interesting sentence in English
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1.Never Trouble Trouble Till Trouble Troubles You. The trouble did not look for you, do not go ask for trouble.
The first, 4 Trouble are a verb, the 2nd, 3 Trouble are a noun.

2.I Think That That That That That Student Wrote On The Blackboard Was Wrong. That “that” that I think that student is written on blackboard is wrong.
The first That is conjunction, cause object subordinate clause; The 2nd, 5 That are demonstrative pronoun “ that ” ; The 3rd That is equivalent to a noun here; The 4th That is relation pronoun, cause attributive subordinate clause.

3.I Know. You Know. I Know That You Know. I Know That You Know That I Know. I know. You know. I know you know. I know you know I know.

4.We Must Hang Together, or We'll Be Hanged Separately. We must unite together, otherwise we will be hanginged by each.

This is a pun. The Hang Together in front is the meaning of “ solidarity ” , the Hanged from the back is “ hangings the meaning of ” .

5.The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over A Lazy Dog. That only quick brown fox jumped over a lazy dog.

This sentence included 26 letters in English.

6.Was It A Bar Or A Bat I Saw? Is what I see bar or bat?

This is a palindrome sentence, down read and falling to read is same.

7.The first line of a couplet on a scroll: To China For China, china With China, dinner On China. Go to China buying china, china has china, have a meal rely on china.
The second line of a couplet: Buy front door to front door, front door does not have front door, back door has front door.
This is a pair of a matching of both sound and sense in two lines carefully and nearly, the English-Chinese couplet of full of humour and wit. In the second line of a couplet the 2nd, 4, ” of 5 “ front door points to cigarette of ” of “ big front door.

8.2B Or Not 2B, that Is A?
This is a kind of character simplifies game. Its means: To Be Or Not To Be, that Is A Question. (Live or destroy, that is a problem. That is a problem..

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